'Horrible Bosses 2' News: Sequel Will Be Taken 'Up A Notch' With More Of A 'Rock Vibe'

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By Sam Machado for ENSTARS

Movie composer Christopher Lennertz gave some new details on what fans can expect to see in Horrible Bosses 2 that ought to leave them feeling pleased.

On Friday, Examiner posted an interview with Lennertz who gave the impression that the sequel might be a little more hard-core than the first film by comparing it to a style of music.

"Horrible Bosses 2 is definitely a continuation of the first movie, and then just take it up a notch. It's obviously got more of a rock vibe and less of the R&B," Lennertz said. "But there is definitely a hip-hop flavor to it, much in the way that the first one had that Beastie Boys vibe. What I love doing is making sure that the comedies feel contemporary."

Lennertz then went on to say that he feels that comedies without popular styles won't be as relevant to people in younger audiences.

"You want the audience to feel comfortable in the seats when they're planning to have a fun night out and laugh," he said. "I couldn't be a bigger fan of huge orchestral music, having worked for Basil Poledouris and Michael Kamen when I first got into the business. I love that and can't wait to do more of it, but at the same time, I want to make sure each movie really gets what it needs."

Lennertz then said that he thinks contemporary comedies need contemporary music.

Horrible Bosses 2 is expected to hit theaters on November 26.

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