Interview…Film Composer Christopher Lennertz Rewrites the Rules for Comic Soundscapes with ‘Ride Alo

By: Marc Ciafardini for GoSeeTalk

Christopher Lennertz is a composer, producer, conductor, and arranger whose adeptness for a multitude of genres has put him on the map time and time again. You many not recognize his name but if you’ve seen ‘Horrible Bosses,’ ‘Think Like A Man,’ shows like ‘Supernatural’ or played games like ‘Mass Effect 3’ and ‘Starhawk’ then you know Chris’ work.

A veritable encyclopedia of musical styles and theories Chris currently writes the music for the hit J.J. Abrams series ‘Revolution’ on NBC. He’s also celebrated for his video game scores like Steven Spielberg’s ‘Medal of Honor ‘series and he just completed the score for the most recent installment of the iconic Madden franchise. Lennertz has even worked with film music legends Basil Poledouris and Michael Kamen and while still early in his career he’s scored 39 feature films, 5 network television series, and many of the world’s biggest interactive media titles.

So whether he’s creating the musical accompaniment to Kevin Hart’s antics and Ice Cube’s stoic demeanor in Tim Story’s ‘Ride Along’ or working on upcoming sequels ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ and ‘Think Like A Man Too,’ Chris is redefining the way we hear scores for comedies. His range is amazing and hopping between TV, games and films helps him expand his horizons and repertoire (click here to check out sensational samples of his work). GoSeeTalk got to sit with this accomplished and very busy composer and here are the highlights of our time with Christopher Lennertz.

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