‘Ride Along’ Soundtrack Review

by Kaya Savas for film.music.media

Christopher Lennertz continues to demonstrate his mastering of the action/comedy genre with his score to Ride Along. Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief both had their share of action characteristics, and Ride Along does as well. The genre is supposed to be fun, melodic and engaging. I think Lalo Shifrin really defined this type of scoring with the Rush Hour films. Lennertz keeps things in his style and the result is a percussively fun electronic fusion score that supports the film.

The thing with comedy is that it’s extremely hard to score. Lennertz has definitely proven he can score comedy withe ease. The music here is not funny, nor should it ever be. The comedy comes from our two main leads and their interactions. The music simply keeps up with the energy of the performances. Lennertz keeps it light when it needs to be, but can add lots of layers to amp up the energy as well. Now, this score doesn’t carry any emotional depth but you can’t go in expecting that. The music delivers fun textures and layers that clearly show Lennertz had a blast putting it together.

Ride Along is a score that works at surface level. It displays energetic characteristics and some action chops that makes it a worthy listen. Lennertz is one of the top composers working today, and his recent work in the action/comedy genre is just great to dig into. Don’t expect the score to deliver anything more than pure melodic entertainment and you’ll find yourself enjoying this great distraction.

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