Revolution Season 1 Soundtrack Review

By: Kaya Savas for

Christopher Lennertz was a composer I discovered when I was little. I happened to like a video game series called Medal Of Honor, and it just so happens that Lennertz took over the series after Michael Giacchino left it. The score to the game Gun was another big part in my growing love for Lennertz's work. Today he is one of the busiest film, TV and game composers in the industry. His work is also consistently levels above anyone else in terms of emotional resonance and thematic strength. Revolution is no exception as Lennertz has crafted an incredibly immersive narrative for listeners to get lost in.

Revolution is a show with a grand scope about life after the world loses all sources of power and electricity. The story follows a group of revolutionaries who confront an authoritarian regime in a quest to find out what caused the blackout and fight for the future. Lennertz's score is full of wonderful orchestrations, thrilling adventure, mysterious beauty and emotional character moments. The score truly builds a world for the story to exist within. The music is thematically strong and also has many great melodies to keep it continually engaging. Lennertz is able to craft some great action tracks as well. The score has a classic feel to it, which can be attributed to the wonderful orchestration. With lots of strings, brass and percussion it feels like an old fashioned adventure score with a modern energy. What surprised me was how many beautiful quiet moments there were in this score. The music isn't just plot driven, but character driven as well. The album is a great representation of season 1.

Revolution's first season allowed Lennertz to establish some impressive groundwork. It will be interesting to see how he builds and expands off what he did here for the future of the series. I'm sure there will be plenty more great moments ahead in season 2. This album is packed with 1.2 hours of score and will give listeners plenty of wonderful music to lose themselves in. Make sure to check out Revolution.

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