‘Thanks For Sharing’ Soundtrack Review

By: Kaya Savas for film.music.media

It's rare to find a good adult drama that revolves around relationships and dealing with life issues. While Thanks For Sharing is about sex addiction, it is one of the more accessible films I've seen. It may seem like there's a shiny artificial glow coming off this film, but all the characters and emotions feel real. The script is well written and Christopher Lennertz' score resonates grandly. Chris came on late to this project, but was able to write a very beautifully character driven score for a film that didn't realize it needed it. The score works on many levels, incorporates different textures and is a fine example of music working with the psychology of the characters.

The music is a real emotional journey and it's telling the stories of several protagonists. The antagonists of the film are within our protagonists since everyone here has internal demons and issues. They are trying to take hold of their lives and are struggling to do so. The movie goes to dark places, and even if you're not an addict I think the theme of feeling hopeless and helpless is universal. The score echoes both hopeless and hope. We start light but go dark before seeing the light again. This isn't a big bold score, but its approach is noticeable. We feel the music take us where we don't want to go. Lennertz externalizes what is going on internally with the characters. While an actor can just give a look or a glance, it's the music that takes us inside to see what they're feeling. Such as feeling an itch that needs to be scratched. I was able to connect to every character in this film. I sympathized and thought about dark and not so happy times in my life. But Lennertz doesn't abandon us in the darkness and neither does the film. The story gives us a shining light to walk towards to. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and when the score gets there we feel a sense of comfort.

Thanks For Sharing is a great score. It hits the emotional beats precisely when they need hitting. The film contains lots of source music and songs, which the score works hand in hand with. This may be a short score, but the journey is worth taking. It imprints the struggles of life on the listener and says if there is ever hopelessness then there is always hope. It shows that in times of weakness others can help you find strength. Thanks For Sharing is a perfect example of what score can do within a film, and why it's an essential part. It's an expertly executed piece of work, and is from a composer who knows how to translate the experiences of life into a resonating musical narrative.

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