Christopher Lennertz and His Musical Refinery

By: Tim Greiving for Kraft-Engle Management

In the very building where the JAWS shark was built, Christopher Lennertz (HOP, HORRIBLE BOSSES) has conceived and built the state-of-the-art Sonic Fuel Studios. The musical refinery is already churning out plenty of fuel, and is a dream realized for a composer tired of isolation and eager to collaborate with directors in an unprecedented way.

…With the capacity to record everything shy of a symphony orchestra, Lennertz and his fellow Sonic Fuel composers can record small to mid-sized ensembles, rhythm sections, string sections, soloists, and overdubs with ease and on their own time. But the biggest advantage may be the fact that the recording and mixing areas neighbor the writing rooms. ‘If we’re working on a cue, and we’ve got a rhythm section working away, and something’s not feeling like it’s clicking right with picture,’ says Lennertz, ‘the director and I can walk 20 yards through the lounge and end up in my writing room. So while the engineer’s continuing to make progress on a mix, I can pull a guitar off the wall, or pull up the piano sound, and go right back to the creative process with the director for ten or fifteen minutes, then walk back into the studio and continue to produce at a high quality level. Once in a while you get that magic moment,’ he says, ‘where the inspiration hits, and it’s you working with your director and all of a sudden you’ve got a great idea. If you can’t quickly get to your writing room, or conversely run into the studio and open up a microphone and start recording, you may miss the magic.’ Sonic Fuel Studios was built with filmmakers in mind—by composers, for composers—and optimized for collaboration. The relaxed environment makes it so you never want leave…

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