Christopher Lennertz’ Composed ‘STARHAWK’ Soundtrack Review

By: Kaya Sava for

Christopher Lennertz has consistently been composing great scores for many years, and hopefully you've been listening to them. He really got his name out there after he took over the Medal Of Honor franchise from Michael Giacchino. Since then he has ruled not only the video game landscape but the feature film arena as well. He has composed scores to mega box office hits like Alvin And The Chipmunks, Hop and Horrible Bosses. With Starhawk he is able to flex his more serious muscles and is able to give us more of what we heard recently in his scoring efforts with the Mass Effect 3 team.

Starhawk immediately grasps you with its epic opening slightly flavored with a western feel. You may as well as classify it as a western score because it has all the elements of a western score that I love. It's also huge in scope. Lennertz infuses his great talent for melodies into every bit of this score. The music is never boring and always has propulsive energy while still being precisely constructed. The score was performed by The Skywalker Symphony orchestra, which gives it a classic yet modern feel. Lennertz also manages to squeeze in an emotional undertone to the whole thing, and it gives the whole experience substantial weight. This is a story that you can invest in emotionally and be along for the ride for. It's an action filled western score that satisfies on every level. The soundscape is so unique and fine tuned that every moment holds you. We end the score coming back to the central character's thematic roots, and it's perfect.

Video game scores are never consistent. Most composers toss some looping tracks just to fill space, but Christopher Lennertz has never done that. From his early video game scores to this he has delivered emotionally grasping narratives, and that is why I fell in love with his music growing up. Never once did I feel this score was designed to loop. In the video game world this is as close to a perfect score as you will get. Thanks to La-La Land for compiling almost an hour of music here in this superb release. Bravo.

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