By: staff writer for Film Music Reporter


Christopher Lennertz is set to score the upcoming comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2. The film is directed by Sean Anders (Sex Drive) and stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spac...


By: staff writer for Film Music Reporter


Christopher Lennertz is scoring the upcoming music-themed drama Battle of the Year: The Dream Team. The film is directed by Benson Lee and is based on his 2007 documentary about the international world of B-boying, also known in...


Square Enix Music Online notes “Christopher Lennertz and Tim Wynn's scores for Starhawk, The Darkness II, and Mass Effect 3 considerably differ in their compositional approach. Yet they all boast outstanding quality in all aspects of music production — from composition...


By: Michael Hixon for Beach Reporter


One of the more recognizable movie scores in film history is from “Jaws,” and John Williams’ work is a significant reason why the film has become a classic in suspense. So it almost seems fitting that Sonic Fuel Studios, which has s...


By: Mike Watkins for ATV Today


Revolution is currently airing on NBC in the United States and has proved a critical and ratings success stateside. An incredible 13.3 million viewers have made the drama the most successful scripted series launch in over three years.




Darkness II has received a Square Enix Music Award nomination for “Outstanding Achievement – Main Theme”


CLICK HERE To See The Full List Of Nominees


By: Jon Burlingame for Variety


Sonic Fuel Studios, a new $2 million scoring compound in El Segundo, Calif., has been designed by composers with music for film, TV and videogame specifically in mind.


For nine years, composers Christopher Lennertz (TV’s “Revolution”) and...


By: Charlie Jane Anders for Io9


We've had our ups and downs with Revolution thus far. We liked a lot of stuff in the pilot, and the idea of a post-apocalyptic show that's swashbuckling rather than mopey is pretty genius. The episode with Mark Pellegrino as a soldi...


Sonic Fuel Studios was featured on the cover of GC Pro Audio Solutions Magazine in the Summer 2012 Issue


After years in which machine-made music tracks have seemed ubiquitous, live music is again making its presence felt in movies, TV and video games. The new productio...


By: Dorothy Rabinowitz for Wall St. Journal


The important thing to know before sitting down to watch "Revolution" is what it is not. It's not, despite the look of the publicity pictures, another end-of- the-world fantasy drenched in blood and darkness. Not that there i...

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'Sonic' Sounds: El Segundo recording studio makes noise in Hollywood

December 21, 2012

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